Resources on Human Trafficking



Anonymously Yours  (90 min.)

At the End of Slavery: The Battle for Justice in Our Time  (31 min.)

Bakhita: From Slave to Saint  (190 min.)

Ballerina  (17 min.)

Born Into Brothels  (85 min.)

Bought and Sold: An Documentary on the International Trade in Women  (42 min.)

Children for Sale

Consuming Kids: the Commercialization of Childhood

CoverGirl Culture

Demand  (45 min.)

Dreams Die Hard: Survivors of Slavery in America Tell Their Stories  (36 min.)

Fields of Mudan  (23 min.)

Four Years in Hell  (25 min.)

Girls From Chaka Street  (15 min.)

Half the Sky

Highway to Hell  (38 min.)

Holly (114 min.)

Human Trafficking  (180 min.)

Indoctrinated: The Grooming of Our Children into Prostitution

Lilja 4-Ever (109 min.)

Lives for Sale  (58 min.)

Look Beneath the Surface: Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking in the U.S. 

Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women