Resources on Human Trafficking

Reading – from Pope Francis

“We ought to recognize that we are facing a global phenomenon which exceeds the competence of any one community or country. In order to eliminate it, we need a mobilization comparable in size to that of the phenomenon itself. For this reason I urgently appeal to all men and women of good will, and all those near or far, including the highest levels of civil institutions, who witness the scourge of contemporary slavery, not to become accomplices to this evil, not to turn away from the sufferings of our brothers and sisters, our fellow human beings, who are deprived of their freedom and dignity. Instead, may we have the courage to touch the suffering flesh of Christ, revealed in the faces of those countless persons whom he calls “the least of these my brothers and sisters.”


Prayers of Petition 

For all the children, women and men enslaved here and around the world today, on farm fields, the streets, in mines, factories, restaurants, salons, brick-making kilns, plantations, houses, hotels and more. 

Response - May the fire of our love destroy all injustice 

For all those who are trapped by the mental and physical binds of debt, poverty, fraud and coercion.  Response

For all the people who are vulnerable to being trafficked because they are in desperate situations due to poverty, war, natural disasters, homelessness and other situations of risk, may they be kept safe.  Response 

For the traffickers, so many of whom have been hardened by their own lives, may their hearts be softened and may they change their ways.  Response 

For us, that we may see how we are complicit in the trafficking of human beings. Help us to understand our role, when we demand products made by people who are enslaved. Help us to speak and work for all those who are trafficked.  Response 

God of justice and compassion, we pray for all children, women and men who are enslaved here and around the world today. Give them a life of true freedom. Soften the hearts of their traffickers. And give us the courage to work to end the demand for human trafficking and increase justice for our brothers and sisters. Amen.