Resources on Human Trafficking


Blessed are they who have survived for they will show us courage and hope and dare us to be their voice. Jeanne Christensen, RSM (USA)

Blessed are those who see anew the pain of the world and respond with compassionate action. Catherine Gibbons, RSM (Volunteer Global Action)

Blessed are those who never, ever give up on God's promise of fullness of life and freedom from oppression, exploitation and violence, for they shall be our mercy, our action for justice and our hope. Aine O’Connor, RSM (Mercy Global Concerns at the United Nations, NY)

Blessed are the poor and vulnerable for they will become co-creators with our God, transforming our torn and fractured world of human trafficking one moment at a time. Margie Taylor, RSM (Newfoundland)

Blessed are the dispossessed and enslaved, for in time they will know the depths of freedom and belonging. Denise Boyle, FMDM (Mercy Global Action, Dublin)

Blessed are the parents whose children have lost their children through trafficking, for they will be comforted Carole McDonald, RSM (ACRATH, Australia)

Blessed are those who promote the Oneness of our Universe and understand the intimate relationships of earth, humanity and the heavenly kin(g)dom, from this understanding, there will be no more  trafficking. Mary Ryan, RSM (MECPATHS Campaign, Ireland)

Blessed are those with open eyes and open hearts; they are the ones who connect us. Ruth Kilcullen, RSM (MECPATHS Campaign Ireland)

Blessed are those who have family and friends who get lured into being trafficked and can do nothing to make the struggle end for them, for they will be Mercied. Pat Zerega (Mercy Investment Services, USA)

Let Us Pray Together:

O God, Giver of Life, Bearer of Pain, you accept in us that which we cannot acknowledge; You name in us that of which we cannot speak; You remember what we have tried to forget. We pray for those who work to transform the world so that girls and boys, women and men, may live, work and learn together with respect and dignity. Help us to be present to one another, so that we may begin to heal the wounds of time. Heal the wounds of the hearts and bodies of children trafficked in the red light districts of cities in every country. We ask Mary, Mother of the child Jesus, to liberate the child sex slaves of the world through Her Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.


Source: Janet Morley, Anglican Communion (adapted)

International Sisters of Mercy Global Action – Opposing Human Trafficking Working Group composed ‘Beatitudes’ during Theological Reflection led by Elizabeth Dowling, RSM, 2-10- 15