Ministry to the Bereaved

Called by the healing ministry of compassion, the Servite Community commit themsleves to serving all experiencing loss. Our mission is to live out these goals:

  • To offer spiritual support and healing comfort to all who mourn a loss;
  • To develop and provide resources and training programs to support ministries of consolation;
  • To increase networking, collaboration and partnering with ministers of consolation and other national bereavement organizations.

As a national provider of bereavement training, education, formation and services, we envision a compassionate ministry which will ensure services and education that will respond to the needs of all people throught the grief process. 

Ministry of Consolation and Compassion Training

This two day program offers two different tracks; how to develop a ministry and how to enhance a ministry. Choose to focus on one track for more in-depth training, or incorporate all topics for a broader perspective. 

Track One: Developing a Ministry of Consolation
Communication and Listening
Overview of Grief and Mourning   
*The Business of Ministry                            
Qualities of a Minister of Consolation     Personal Discernment
*Commissioning Ceremonies  
*Marketting your Ministry

Track Two: Enhancing a Ministry of Consolation
Communication and Listening
Overview of Grief and Mourning
*Starting a Support Group
*Support Group Facilitation
Qualities of a Minister of Consolation
Personal Discernment
*Outreach Opportunities

*Denotes topics that are different between the two tracks. All materials are provided for the training.


Specialized Workshops

Perhaps your community already has a program, but needs training on specific topics dealing with loss. Training opportunities can be customized to meet your specific needs. After consultation with your community, training will be designed to address your areas of interest. These trainings are usually a day long, but can be shortened or expanded as needed. Topics include but are not limited to grief in the workplace, hope for the holidays, rituals to remember the deceased, loss through divorce, loss of a pet, etc. More than one subject matter can be addressed during these training sessions. All materials are provided.


Consulting Services

If setting up or expanding your ministry of consolation is your goal, and you would like more individualized planning sessions, one-on-one consulting may be the right answer for you. From bringing the idea of a ministry to your pastor, to integrating your ministry’s vision and mission into the mission of your faith community, to seeking information and resources, consulting offers the flexibility and personal attention that will help you identify options for change and growth.


To learn more about how GriefWork can help you as you minister to your community and those suffering a loss, contact Maria Farrell at, or Sr. Kerry Larkin, OSM at or