Omaha Coalition on Human Trafficking



                                                      Coalition on Human Trafficking

                                         Celebrates Milestone in Hotel/Motel Training

A group of community and organizational leaders are working together to end human trafficking in Nebraska and celebrating their success of training 107 hotels in less than two years to realize, recognize and respond to signs of human trafficking. On Friday, January 26, representatives from the Coalition on Human Trafficking and their community partners held a press conference.

In less than two years, the Coalition on Human Trafficking, through volunteer efforts, has led trainings of more than 100 local hotels and approximately 1200 hotel staffers in the Greater Omaha and Lincoln areas to realize, recognize and respond to signs of human trafficking in their facilities. With support from local law enforcement and government officials, efforts to end trafficking in Omaha have extended to surrounding communities.

Featured speakers included:  Jean Stothert, Omaha Mayor;  Sister Celeste Wobeter, Coalition on Human Trafficking Chair of the Hotel/Motel Project;  Doug Peterson, Nebraska Attorney General;  Glen Parks, Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force Coordinator;  Meghan Malik, Women’s Fund of Omaha Trafficking Project Manager; Todd Schmaderer, Omaha Police Chief ; Tim Dunning, Douglas County Sheriff; Joni Doiron, Global Business Travel Association Nebraska/Iowa Chapter President.

The public plays a vital role in alerting law enforcement about potentially foul business. If people see a situation involving a child and an adult that seems out of place, or if their gut tells them something is wrong, they can reach out immediately. Perhaps it is innocent, but if it isn’t, that call can rescue somebody who is unable to help himself of herself.

The National Trafficking Hotline is 888-373-7888. The Coalition on Human Trafficking website is



Hotel Managers receive plaques for having their staff trained to recognize signs of human trafficking.