Omaha Coalition on Human Trafficking


Omaha Coalition on Human Trafficking Continues to Expand

The Omaha Coalition on Human Trafficking was started in 2013 by the Notre Dame, Servite and Mercy Sisters in Omaha. The Coalition has expanded over the years to include many Community groups from law enforcement, social service agencies, and civic groups. A mission of the Coalition is to help others realize that human trafficking takes place right here in our community, recognize the signs of it, and respond safely and appropriately. The hospitality industry is a main focus of the Coalition particularly hotels and motels in which 80 % of sex trafficking takes place. The Coalition has trained the personnel in over 100 hotels and motels in the area to be more aware of the signs of sex trafficking and how to respond.

In the Spring of 2018 the Coalition shared information about its training program with two groups of international visitors sponsored by the US State Department. As a result representatives from six of those countries have entered into an agreement with the Coalition to use the training in their own countries. Besides training the Coalition does awareness campaigns around large local events, education and resourcing of groups, and coalition building.  Check out the Coalition website at