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Sponsored by the Institute of Compassion Presence


When:  June 16-20, 2015

Where:  Servite Center of Compassion, Omaha, NE   

The Institute of Compassionate Presence is a program of the Servite Center of Compassion in Omaha. Its purpose is to deepen the living of compassion in participants' personal and professional lives. Through the use of input, sharing of experiences, and integration activities different facets of compassion are explored in the sessions. Presenters are local and national professionals with expertise in their fields. Participants can receive CEUs for the program through the College of St. Mary in Omaha. This enrichment opportunity both enhances the participants' lives and brings a deepened sense of compassion to our world.


Goal of the Conference 

To deepen the living of compassion in one's personal and professional life 

Objectives of the Conference

* To transform our worldview
* To enable heart and mind to work in synchronicity
* To open to new levels of possibility
* To embrace both science and spirit
* To live our true human nature  
* To enjoy more effective and satisfying relationships at work, at home, in the world 


Main Conference Presenter 

Joyce Rupp, OSM

Sr. Joyce describes herself as a "spiritual mid-wife," one who assists others in birthing an ever fuller and deeper faith life. She has a Masters in transpersonal psychology and is the author of numerous and award-winning books. Besides writing, her ministry includes speaking at national and international conferences, spiritual direction, and co-directing the Institute of Compassionate Presence. Joyce is a member of the Servants of Mary Community and a volunteer for Hospice.


Some Experiences of Past Participants 

“ I have felt a strong spiritual shift in my thinking and reacting, which has brought me a lot of peace and clarity.”

“The program has awakened within me a quest for new ways to show compassion, to be with those who are broken and in need, and to gently tend my own soul.”

“For me this program has opened more doors to learn, scrutinize and deepen my awareness of how badly we need compassion in our world.”

“This program makes one comfortable with the uncomfortable, opening one’s eyes, heart, and mind toward others.”

“I was reminded over and over of why I do what I do as a chaplain.”


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